Hair extensions

Hair plays a very important role in human’s esteem. Hair length varies from short to medium and medium to long. Hair extensions are one of the most demanding product because it helps women for boosting their self-confidence who had short damaged hair. In past, most hair extensions are used by celebrities but now these days’ ladies of different ages are using hair extensions at weddings, parties, festivals, and on other different occasions. According to the demand of customers, many brands introduce different styles and colors of hair extensions in the market, some of them are curly and some are silky straight. Hair extensions are of many different colors to meet the client’s necessities.

Packaging boxes for hair extensions

The fashion world is developing day by day; every manufacturer is trying to come at the peak of the market. everyone is seeking better ways to make their brand number one. Quality packaging boxes, styles, designs are a way of presenting the product in thousands of other brands. Hair extension boxes are very beneficial for hair extensions safety and long life, avoiding them from dust, tangling. Here are some reasons why hair extension boxes are important.

1-Windows Boxes

During the production, window panes are added to the boxes which allow the customer to have a look at the original product’s color and length packed inside the box. This window is quite a unique and attractive idea; it helps the customer for making the better decision of purchasing while it also helps the shop owner not to display the extensions openly.

2-Shape and size of a box

You can choose any type of shape and size of the box according to your product by Customization. The beauty of custom boxes can be enhanced by using different styles, colors, and designs. Hair extension boxes are mostly rectangular, there is a huge space for printing brand details, instructions for the safety and tutorial of product usage for the customer’s guideline. For highlighting and grabbing the attention of the customer, the beauty of hair extension boxes can be more enhanced by adding ribbons, ponytail ideas.


These boxes also protect the hair extensions. They avoid straight light, moisture, and dust. Tangling is a common problem in hair extensions, it can also be resolved by the cosmetic boxes wholesale.

Eco friendly and good quality material of packaging boosted the appearance as well as the sale of the product.


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