11 Jan 2017

Support in today’s generation is the key of the success of the theme. It’s very important to provide the support of the theme after the theme is sell to the customers. Every theme has issues and bugs in the theme which needs to be assist and fixed in the updates and in the tickets support system.¬†Every author is developing his own admin panel and features which needs to be explain to all of the users. But different users have different mind which some of the people are not able to understand or use the framework. To avoid the conflicts and the issues the support is being offered to the users with complete solution of there problems.¬† KodeForest is also offering the 24/7 support on all of there WordPress themes and other templates. Users go to the URL of the ticket system register the email , verify its purchase code over there and submit the tickets. The support agents receive the tickets and responds to the query that is entered by the users and then provides the solution in the time frame of 24 Hours according to the ticket numbers as they are generated.

Kodeforest is offering the best support as much as they can and by there professional support they have reached the best satisfied 5 star rating for there theme and authors over all rating which makes the look more elegant. You can access the support form by the following url


Just enter your Purchase Code , Name , Email and your query regarding the theme .

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Need support? Please head to our Support System. Other Questions @ info@kodeforest.com (Only pre-sale questions).

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